Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The school(s)

A education 

     If you were about to hop on googel let me stop you right there.! "California" is in the USof A. Its just a fact. And this fact means that there are American schools in the California. Now Im a Patriot (ha ha ha ha not the sport team) but I dont really like the American schools.

The other day a colored woman (the color white, to be clear) on tv told me that our US kids arent doing all that good in school on tests. Other countries like Japan (really?) and IndonAsia (Not racist, this is the official country name) are takin' our kids by the hand, askin' them to the big dance, and then not showin' up just to make 'em feel bad (I will never forgive you paula abduel). Point is, other countries and continents are doing bettter then the US ofA in math, school, ect.

Beleive me I wnat to do something about it, heck Im gettin riled up just thinking about it! (Ever hear that expression "thinking is a fool's aaron"???). But I am to busy, so I calling upon the CongressMen in DC to pull up their pants, and say "I will SUCK IT UP and fix the schools".

For example maybe we could start a program or something like that where we send some of these congreess men to the schools so they can teach the kids. We could just send like 40 or fifty of the men to schools every semester to fix the problem of not enough teachers.

Another Idea I had for CONgress fixing education was to have some of the bills and laws that they read everyday to be essays and stuff from kids. They could grade essays while gettin their congress work done. We could even have a bell or something that we could ring. Anyway, the teaches would Have less work to do, and kids would get smarter.

Also, ever looked at one of those large pie charts? (a big big circle on a plaine peice of paper, cut into triangles to show different numbers and such; Usually its jibberish) Well we could use a big pie chart (sounds sweet LOL) to show what different things are. Then people will know and understand and we can finaaaaaaally start to FIX. THE. SCHOOLS.

I just want to wrap things up with one last point: I dont want to get all philharmonic on the reader (you) but what does school mean? Is it a building made of bricks, cement, dirt, water, glass, with "schoool" painted on the side? Is it where they make math and all that jazz? WHAT does it really mean?
That is a American quesstion and reason I am still proud to live in USA.

Later boys.