Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Photography class

Some exciting news, or should I say "Nuze"
Well folks and femalefolks, Im at it again! This man (The person of "California") has done somehting new, outragous, and a tad spicy.....I have joined a PhotographyClass taught by local legend and my personal best friend, "Jeff O. from Fresno, CA". I must admit I have sucked up my wuss fears and am taking this class on the internet (The blog can also be found there). Now, the loyal readers, the fans that would never stop reading my bog just because some new hipster civil rights bullshit comes along, know I can't stand phony bulls**t (I think we can all guess what the missing letters are... LOL). So I made a vow to me that I will only take good tasteful art professional funny classsy pictures during the class. And readers, I must say, it is going good. So ****ing (Párdôn me French por favore, Im just excited!!) good in fact, that I have decided to give you a little taste of the work- a drop of the mother's milk, if you will.

The shots, the pics (Epic)

A personal number one

The Gipper always knew who came first, The troops.....of The US of A!!

Certainly an other great one-

When I took this, Gipper said to me "Son I want this lookin American- like a couple of good soldiers eatin a couple of appel pie hamburgers while a couple of broads dance around them- you know what I mean son? For god sakes what is it with your generation? But anyway I am Gipper . Gipper good president"

I'm obviously proud of this one- but its the best of them all

Gipper was a hero- a damn american and damn humble hero at that- but that doesn'tm mean gipper didn't let me take some jjust awesome shots of him doin' what the man did best- sending illegals back where they came from and giving a swift one two punch to any liberale that stood in his way.

Now obviously Im proud..........of America. And of Gipper......But also these pics that I took on my camera, which Jeff O. gave a D+??? (D for democracy maybe you commie fuck- I will end you.)
No, no, but seriously, have a happy holidays everyone, stay safe out there, and take it easy on the Nog (egg or otherwise XD).

Merry Chrismas to you all,

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The war...........On New Years

Theres A War Going On Outside

I know as a kid, a child/youth, I remember my favorite holeday being new years eve. I wuold stay up to see the big CrystallineBall drop in TimeSquare while all the gays sang their songs. Sometime, I would even have a little "Champain" to take the edge off- I was a true adult: tuxedo and all. The point is, I (like everyAmericans) remembers the Good 'Ol Days of 12/31. But the man in the suit and OvelOffice, barackHUSSEINobama,  is desperately trying to take this all away from us. He has practically said "Hello USA I am going to keep it the same year always. No celebrations. HaHaHa." Yes my friends and colleaggues, Obama has officially launched THE WAR ON NEW YEARS.

The Memories

First Id like to talk about all the fun times Ive had as a man participating in the holiday New Years. One Year, my freind Millard and I went to a rather lavish party at the local watering hole. It's name: The Legendary Hard Rock Café. This year Millard and I decided to pull out all the stops: We bought t-shirts that said F.B.I.. on the front. We walked in- EVERYBODY thought we were cops. But the FBI didn't stand for the usual "Federal Board Of Investagation"- No, it stood for "Female Body Inspectors"  (HAHAHAHAHAHA I AM STILL LAUGHING ROFL). Safe to say, we were the life of the party. Everybody crowded around our booth, and for that night, We. Were. Kings. It's these classic memories that make me cherish the holiday so much.... ;(

The Goverment's Plan

Okay folks, try to keep up here, because this is where it all gets a little "whacky". Obama claims to be from "HawaiState" in the PecificOcean. As we all know there are time zones in this country (This countrys going to the dogs, but hey, were still civilized.). Hawai is the last of all the states in time zones. This means that It will be a new year (2003 for example) in the rest of country but still be old year in Hawai(2002 for example). This gives obama the natural reason to not like New Years Ev. He feels jealous of the rest of USA (the real, honest, hardworking part) because he is last to celebrate. That is his "motive", next is his "plan". According to studies obama took office approx. Janaury 2009. He participated in an "inauguration". Videoes of this occur OnLine, and in the videoes he clearly says the following words throughout the 4Hour event: "It", "will", "always", "be", and "this year". Alone these words don't mean much, just the mumblings of a lunatic, but when you make a sentence out of them, they clearly show obama DEMANDING the year to remain untouched, like a sensual lavender flower in the California desert. 

Is There Hope A Chance At Freedom??

The point is, lamestream media can talk all they want about how great it is having a dictator, but I will never be okay surrendering in the most important war of the past 11 years- The War.......On New Years Holiday.