Friday, October 24, 2014

Review of a trip to the theater

Not the good old days of theater

When I got to this state- Califonria that is- Every single neighbor of mine (the English speaking ones. I mean, come on) told me I needed to check out the local plays. Now, I'm a pretty smart guy. Anyway, I went to the theater for a local production of my all time favorite play: "The Batman in GOTHAM City".

For those who are ununfamiliar I will provide a breif summary of the play- Local man and business man by the name of Bruce Wang is bitten by a Radio-Active bat to become none other than- TheBatman! TheBatman then fights crime in gotham city- a sleepy American town- the classic Anytown, U.S.A..
TheBatman has many rivals: There is TheJokér (based on the playing card HAHAHA LOL). There is also CatWoman- best friends and wife of TheJokér. (She is also easy on the eyes, I must add Haha). OfCourse their are other rivals, but who has the time for that.  On to the play!

This was the WORST production of the play "The Batman In gotham City" I have ever seen in my life. The actors seemed uninformed, the set didnt match the play, the dialoge made no sense, and TheBatman never once put his classic cape on. They only refered to TheBatman as "Sween E. Todd", not Bruce Wang, as is correct. In the original, Bruce Wang is a big business man, but here he was portrayed as but a lowly barber. Also, this version took place in the GB (united kingdom, governah (LOL)), not the USA. It was now a singysongy type show with not enough Wang-in-your-face style action that us guys (bros) are looking for in such a play. I want a play to leave me un-able to walk the next morning (if you catch my drift)

I am a guy, Im looking for the classic B.E.C.B.- Babes, Explosions, Cars, and more Babes. Hey, I can't help it Im a guy!!! (girls dont understand). Anyway, this JOKE of a play had none of it. I struggle currently to think of a worse time Ive ever had at going to the theater. This was rock bottom.

Its tough to judge whether Iwill ever go back. On one handed, I do love the plays- its one art thats not just a bunch of men in beards and tight pants (Hahaha, but it is true). But I have been turned off from all things stage because of this utter BOONDOGGLE.

I will leave it at that.

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