Monday, September 22, 2014

Inaugural Californiaperson Post - Post 1

A little bit about I

I'd like to start by saying something about myself that hopefully you already know: I have never cared much for the "World Wide Web". I think it is mostly a big waste of time filled with atheist garbage and those pesky penis enhandsomement ads. But who was it, perhaps George Washingotn or some other type of famous person, that once said "we must look our enemies in the face for it is when we do so that we know we are truly safe from harm's way". I intend to do roughly the same thing with this blog. I am mounting my glistening sword deep in the mountain of evil that is the "Web", and attempting to declare freedom. I mean, heck, I'm no Thomas Jeffferson, but it can't hurt to try, LOL.

Anyway, it is with great pleasure that I announce why I am started this "Blog":

1. I moved to the state of "California" alittle over a year ago, and I figure it could do the world some good to hear about my travels.

2. I want to class up the internet. I mean come on, you can't deny that it could use it. xD

3. Its no secret that I one day intend to mount a run for public office in the greatest country in the world: good ol US of A. I'm hoping that by building a fan base I will one day secure the votes from the American people to become congressman of the US of A. (Don't worry I wont ever have a scandal or anything like that LOL)

4. When you get to be a Californiaperson like myself, there is no shortage of hilarious antics that you find yourself in nearly everyday, and I want to chronicle these antics much like the great writers Ann Frank and Lou Gerihg.

5. As somewhat of a intellectual, I am fascinated by many things that I want to end up writing about (which of course, I can do right here on this "Blog")

I look forward to your readership.

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