Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What the "Web" Has to Offer - Post 2

I investigate my new surroundings

Because I am writing a "Blog" (in fact you are reading it right now lol) on the World Wide Web, I have decided to do a little "snooping" around the Web to see what it has to offer. (Cue Snoop Dawg music). If you are like me, you have noticed that there is one thing on the Web nowadays that just doesn't seem to go away. Of course I am talking about the video known as the "HarlemShake". A HipPop song that seems to be all fine and well in the beginning, but then turns into a crazy display of dancing and masks.

As you may expect, I have quite the number of issues with this dance, which I shall list here:

1. I did a quick mental calculation and it turns out that the US of A could save nearly 40 trillion $ / a year if we didnt make these "HarlemShake" videos- think about it- the taxpayer is footing the bill for Keenwa McLiberal and his friends to make these videos with expensive costumes, masks, sets, cameras, musics, etc. Does the number 40 trillion $ sound familiar to you? Its because a little something called the national debt is the same amount.......

2. The name "HarlemShake" makes people like me anxious and somewhat paranoid....

3. Here in "California" (where apparently the city of "Haarlem" is not) people do the "shake" (as diehard fans call it) everywhere- the workplace, the public park, the power plant, the homeless shelter, and I could go on.....

Its interesting that a once great nation could have their now weak testicles so captivated by this monstrosity of a dance production. In fact it seems, at least to this writer, that The A of US (jk) has put it's best days behind it as it heads towards the retirement community known as the "HarlemShake".

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